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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Short Story: QWERTYUIOP - Summary

  • The short story QWERTYUIOP describes a young secretary's struggle with the spirit of her predecessor, Miss Broome.
  • Miss Broome was the previous longtime secretary of Mr Bannister.
  • At 17, Lucy Beck wanted a job desperately to move away from her mother.
  • When she graduated from the Belmont Secretarial College, things did not look good.
  • She had always been at the bottom of her class and her usually upbeat principal, Mrs Price, did not hold out much hope for her being successful at a job.
  • However, Lucy did get a job as a secretary at Ross and Bannister's.
  • On her first day, she realised that the position came with some baggage.
  • The ghost of Miss Broome was determined to be around to haunt her typewriter.
  • Only Harry Darke knew about this and he hinted it to Lucy.
  • At first, no matter what she tried to type, Lucy could not finish her work because the letters QWERTYUIOP kept popping up on the paper.
  • When she finally realised that she was powerless to complete her work, she reconciled with Miss Broome's spririt. This was by communicating with the spirit through the electric typewriter.
  • Finally, she managed to get rid of the spirit by typing a goodbye letter to Miss Broome.

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  1. The story QWERTYUIOP was published in Cicada magazine.